Saturday, April 9, 2011

I finally took pictures!

Ok, so I know I suck. Sorry...
Here goes:

Last weekend we went camping. I didn't take too many pictures, because I was trying to keep track of both of my boys the whole time. Very tiring!

Samson trying out his lawn chair. Already covered in mud, but happy!
Just loungin' around and watching daddy work.
Setting up EVERYTHING! That's what happens when you take a big fat preggers camping with you :) Thanks baby!

Tonight I took the boys to fairytale town for a family fun night. Zeke had a blast!
He LOVES "going to see the animals."
I tried to include Samson in the festivities, but he was mostly ornery, so we left him in the stroller for the rest of the time.
They had little games set up, and here is Zeke giving the cute girl his ticket to play.
As soon as he threw the ball, a big gust of wind came and knocked all of the pins over, so he got a strike! Way to go son!

He insisted on being the "Bad Guy". I'm not sure where he gets his information.
And an ice-cream cone at the end. Perfect end to a great night.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grammys and Genders...

First and foremost, it is very late as I write this, so please don't judge if it doesn't make a lot of sense. For those who don't know, I won a trip to the Grammys. They paid for our flights, hotel, and grammy tickets. So...

Last Sunday morning, Jacqui and I woke up in Sacramento, and got ready to catch our flights to the GRAMMY'S!! We had a 9:30 AM flight, so we got to the tiny Sacramento airport at 8:30. Plenty of time, right? We waited at US Airways for US Airways flight 6835. The line was a little long, so after about 20 minutes we reached the front. Our flight number wasn't listed on the screen, but all of the flights listed were to Phoenix, so I thought there must just be some mistake. When we got to the front, the lady informed us that our US Airways flight was operated by United. Which meant we had to go to the United gate. Which was in a seperate terminal. Which we had to walk to. In platform heels. You get the picture. So Jacqui and I BOOKED it to the next terminal and went straight to the United counter. We found a line of about 5 people, but there were a few self-serve kiosks, so I went to try one while she kept our place in line. My ticket went through perfectly, so she got out of line to do the same thing. However, Jacqui just missed the 30 minute cut-off before the flight, so it wouldn't work. The a-hole man at the counter refused to help us, saying there was nothing he could do. The computer was asking if she wanted to pay $50 to be put on standby, so she payed it. Then it asked if she wanted to check a bag, so she payed the $25 to check her bag, because it had a metal sequined dress in it that was difficult to get through security, and we didn't want to take all that time unloading and reloading her suitcase. Done and done. We run to the gate, and the sweet lady informed us that Jacqui was on standby for the next flight. She asked if she had checked a bag, and the lady said she could get J on the flight, but her bag wouldn't make it until the next plane came in. Simple enough, except that flight wasn't until 4pm, and we were leaving for the Grammy's at 3!!! I started crying. (I'm blaming in on the stress, and the pregnancy hormones.) I explained that her dress was in the bag, and we NEEDED that bag. She asked if the bag was checkable, and I said yes! Then, I told Jacqui (apparently with a crazy look in my eye) to RUN back to the checkin counter, and GET HER BAG!! She sprinted down the stairs (barefoot) while the gate lady called down to them, explaining the situation. We had less than 10 minutes until the doors were closing. I sat there for 5 minutes just DYING, and when Jacqui got to the top of the stairs with her bag, she still had to clear security. The gate lady had already torn her boarding pass, and she had to reprint her one, but luckily there were only like 2 people at security. She got back through security, and we boarded the plane with like 12 seconds to spare! And then we were off!

Then when we got to L.A. we rented a Convertible, which was super fun. Of course my super glamorous sister had a head scarf, whilst my hair was going all willy nilly in the wind!

We then checked into our hotel room, and had a couple of hours to get ready. The lady at the front desk of the hotel upgraded our room to the top floor which was an executive level which included a cocktail lounge at night and free breakfast in the morning. That was fun.

We also had a taxi pass which allowed our towncar to drop us off about 2 feet from the front door of the Staples center. It was very nice, considering the shoes! The red carpet is under tents in the back of the staples center, and the celebs are all kept FAR away from us common folk. I saw a window where you could see some VIPS coming in, but I got yelled at by security for looking out... he said, "We have to keep traffic moving here." I don't do well with getting yelled at.

Anyhoo, we found our seats and man were they high!! But it was still AMAZING! I was watching the recorded version a little today, and you just don't get the same effect!! 3.5 hours, and I was never bored. I want to go back every year now, even if I never see a celebrity!

The next day, we just tooled around L.A.
We went shopping in Beverly Hills... Lunch at Villa Blanca, which was AMAZING! We sat outside, and the seats were pretty close together. The table right behind us was a thirty something couple with their baby in a stroller. However, their "baby" was a mini-poodle. They were super sweet, and talked to me about my pregnancy... Then, the crusty gentleman who was waiting for his "date" chimed in that I had a 70% chance of having another boy, but there was a blood test I could take to clarify. I asked how he knew so much about fertility and statistics, and he explained that he knew a lot about everything.... Okaaayy. So after he waited and waited and waited for his date, she finally showed up. And she was GORGEOUS! Half his age, and SO pretty! Then, he asked her what a Valentine's lunch "entailed?" Was it the same as a Valentine's Dinner? She played all dumb, and giggled, and changed the subject. Then she was super snooty to the poor waiter, and wouldn't eat ANY fat, including oil on her ahi tuna tar tar, or any sauces, or anything. Anyhoo, I decided it's not worth being skinny, if you have to be such a B whilst ordering food. Plus, she's a high priced hooker, so how snooty can she really be?

Then we drove to the beach.

On the way to the beach, we passed right past the L.A. temple. So cool.

Then, we walked along the beach.

And on the pier.

And some guy was making his lady a nice Valentine. It was really cute how much effort he was putting into it.

And then we got bored. I asked Jacqui if she wanted to go find out what kind of baby I was having. She was super pumped! I have had 2 doctor's appointments, in which one midwife told me that my fetus' hearbeat sounded male, and the next one my NP told me the same thing. Then I took a pee in a cup test that told me I was also having a boy. Plus I have 2 beautiful boys... So, when we got to the sonographer's appt, the guy asked me if I had children yet. I said 2 boys, he said, "I'm not even going to ask the next question." He also explained that the odds were against me. So, finally he showed me what I was looking for. Well, I have seen a couple of boy ultrasounds, and I had known right away what I was loooking at. He had me laying on my left side to find the baby's privates, and the machine was on the right side, so he gave me a mirror to look. So I'm looking as he's going over and over and over my baby's privates. I am totally seeing 2 legs, but nothing else. And then my heart started pounding. Where's the weiner? My baby is missing his weiner. Wait. Does that mean? Am I missing something? I was too scared to ask. He then asked my sister if she knew what it was. He teased that he knew the gender, and just wanted us to figure it out. I finally got up the courage to ask, "Am I having a girl?" And he said, "You're having a girl!" I am tearing up as I write this, and I was totally crying and freaking out!!! I'M HAVING A GIRL!!!! When I got home that night, I gave Josiah the ultrasound pictures, and he was just as thrilled. He can't wait to have a little daddy's girl, since Zeke is a total mama's boy, and Samson is just a terror. A cute terror, but a terror nonetheless. Anyway, we went out tonight and bought our first girly outfits. Ok, quite a few. And some shoes.

As soon as we got home from date-night, he got called out to work, so I had to load up the boys to take the sitter home. Zeke fell asleep on the way home, so I put him in his bed, and went to find his blanket and elephant, which he drags all over the house. Apparently he didn't need them. Such a sweet boy.

And just one of Samson. His new "spot" is the closet. He loves hiding in the clothes. He prefers my closet, but his works too. He is actually getting less terrorizing, and much more sweet. He likes to snuggle as long as you work in his blankie somehow.

I am SO excited to complete our little family. We had always planned on 2, maybe 3 kids, so this was for sure out last little baby. We would have been fine with a boy, but I REALLY wanted to have a little girl. And all of my dreams came true!!! I couldn't be happier right now!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Serves him RIGHT!!

We got home from date-night tonight, and Reggie had been locked in our bedroom. He loves finding warm places to lay, and has done some really disgusting naughty things when we leave him, but tonight was pay back. He trapped himself in the sleeve of Josiah's sweatshirt!!! I almost peed myself! Then we got him out, and it was kinda sad because he was REALLY stuck!

And here are some gratuitous shots of the kids because I haven't blogged in 4 months.

Zeke riding his bike... his favorite pastime. We put a big concrete strip on the side of our house which was basically unusable before, and now he and Samson both LOVE the back yard!

Samson just doing some yard work. In his jammies. We were lazy this day.

And, Samson's new favorite spot. We bought this super cozy dog bed for Reggie when we put in the hardwood floors, but he prefers to just cozy up with us on the couch. However, Samson thinks it's the bees knees. He cozies up to it all the time. He is also quite obsessed with his blankie which he takes everywhere and drags all over the place. Oh well, whatever keeps him happy!

Ok, so I just blogged for the first time in 4 months, and it's not showing my pictures as I'm writing, am I doing something wrong? It's showing them in some code, so I have to keep previewing to see if it's working? WHAT THE CRAP!?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

We had a good Halloween with our two little guys!! Last year I made Zeke an oregon Duck costume, and it was a ton of work, but it was awesome!! This year, I decided to just buy their costumes from Target. Not as "custom" but still, super cute, and MUCH easier!! Zeke wasn't too sure about his elephant costume, but he loves elephants, and as soon as he figured out it was a sure way to get candy, he would beg to put it on!!

This is at the stake harvest party. I don't know why they're calling it "harvest" when we're all dressed up and passing out candy. Sounds pretty halloween to me!

We (the Young Women's presidency) were in charge of a booth. We went with a "Where's Waldo" theme. (I'm the evil version!) The kids had to draw a token, and depending which character they got, they would get a candy, a prize, or if they found "Waldo" they would get a FULL SIZE candy bar!! We had some repeat customers! I can see the gamblaholics already!!

Sunday night, I decided the boys would probably enjoy a nice walk around the neighborhood, so we got all suited up, and begged for candy. Thanks for all of your hard work Zeke. Mommy will enjoy!!

Zeke is totally engrossed with the mission at hand...
And reaping the SWEET rewards!!

Samson was a pretty good sport. Pretty much everyone in the neighborhood was talking about how cute he was. Pretty big ego boost... Josiah was taking all of the credit!!

Our big boy was very brave, and would go up to each house all by himself! He actually walked right in to the first person's house who opened the door! He wouldn't really say trick-or-treat unless someone prompted him, but he was VERY good about Thank-you! I'm so Proud!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Splash park

I almost forgot how much fun we have at the splash park, so we went this weekend! It was BEAUTIFUL, and not too hot under the shade. It is totally free, and my kids may enjoy themselves more than at the pool, with a much lower chance of drowning!!
Samson was clearly a happy camper!

We wanted him to get a big bucket of water on the head, but he was too smart for that!
Zeke and his GF Ava. They are besties!
She is not a huge fan of the water, so it was incredible that he got her to play! I guess when he makes it look that fun!
Shooting a sweet water cannon!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Biggest. Post. EVER!!!!

Pretty much the whole summer. Some trips, some randoms, mostly just pictures. Enjoy!!

Just a cute kid. Falling asleep on the couch.

Abuelita (My Mexican Grandma) had a birthday on July 12. For her birthday, her daughters told her they would take her on a trip anywhere she wanted to go. She chose my house. Well, I couldn't have Abuelita here, and not make her cook for me!! Chile colorado. Gracias abuelita, y mis tias tambien!!

Samson just being cute.

Zeke moved this chair to the counter, and proceeded to help himself to knifefulls of peanut butter. I wonder who he learned that from. (daddy...)
They are already being naughty together. Warms my heart.

8 month picture. I think I may have forgotten his 9 month shot.

First time with a banana. HE LOVED IT!!

OH NO!! My binky is stuck on mater's tow hook!!
Is there anything cuter than a baby in a sink-bath?
Um, I hope that sham-wow was clean!!
A couple of weeks ago, Jacqui and Dan and fam were in Tahoe for a few weeks. It was so fun to go up and visit them. Josiah even took a few days off of work (which is pretty much unheard of!)and we went up for the weekend.

We went to Reno for one of my brother in law's friend's birthdays. We went to a fun buffet at the Grand Sierra Casino. And then right outside were some bumper cars. Fun times... Zeke rode with daddy, and screamed the whole time.

Chillin at tahoe. He fell asleep in the car on the way to the lake, transferred to the stroller, and slept for 2 hours while we played in the sand! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!! (I actually have a picture of him a couple of summers ago in this same position!)

Sweet Samson soakin up the sun! (And eating some sand.)
Finally he woke up for some glamour shots!

Then we walked around all the sidewalk vendors. I LOVE my boys!

Then we went to a local farm. It's called Farm fresh to you. They package up their fresh produce in a random variety, and then you can order by the box. They also give farm tours, so we went up for a picnic.
This is Josiah and Zeke on the tractor tour.

I was in charge of Samson. Not fun. He was super squirmy!

Zeke picking free cherry tomatoes.

Susanne, Easton, and Zeke picking tomatoes. Zeke would pick one, put it in his basket, and then chuck it at someone. Jo was proud.

Mike and Clay soaking up the sun.

Waiting for the tractor ride back. Samson was pretty hot and sweaty!

Nothing like a Mexican coke to cool you off afterwards. Josiah gave him that. What are dads for?
"What Mom? Nothing to see here..."
Last night 5 months of training culminated in a race of epic proportions!! Just dramatizing it a bit. Me and 3 other girls from our ward did the Modesto Midnight 1/2 marathon. It was ok, but I was looking forward to more swag. We got tiny bags of chips at the end, and 1/2 bananas. I really needed that free massage like after the tri 4 fun.
Pre race... Me, Liz, Kim, and Tara.

MINE!!! Liz started us out quick, and I couldn't let her beat me, so I had to keep up. And then about halfway through, I abandoned them at a water stop. I rocked it out at 2 hours, 4 minutes, and 59 seconds. About 15 minutes faster than I had anticipated!! Kim came in 2 minutes behind me, and then Liz, and then Tara rocked it out just behind her! We totally represented for our morning jogging group.